A dad in the kitchen.

Welcome To

Home of sometimes simple, sometimes fast, but always YUMMY cooking and eating!

The boys LOVE company, it is what makes our house a home;   sharing, laughing, tasting, good foods created with LOVE.  Love of flavors, love of sharing, love of being close with others.

COME!  Take your shoes off, stretch your toes, ease back in the rocker, the table is being set.

Close your eyes, smell the flavors in the air, because something is always cooking at home.

COME! enter, and know that you are more than a guest, YOU are family.  As sure as there is food on the stove, you are welcome and honored to be here.

You belong here, with us, licking your fingers, sopping up the last of the gravy, leaning back wondering how to take that last bite... don't worry, theres plenty of conversation time to digest.  We need time to make room for dessert, I promise you this- no one leaves without dessert.